MuTab Chrome Extension

MuTab Chrome Extension allows music lovers to keep up with the latest updates from the electronic music world.

About MuTab

The idea for MuTab was born out of a love of electronic music, feeling overwhelmed with the amount of websites and musicians that post new material on a daily basis, and the frustration of working with a band and how difficult it was to 'cut through the noise'. MuTab allows music lovers to view the best music news through their Chrome Tab, and also gives bands an artists a platform on which to promote themselves.


Mutab required data to be parsed from a hosted source (AWS) through the Chrome Extension via JSON. For this reason, I selected Angular for it's routing abilities. I was able to create a beta version within a matter of weeks, with a link that I could share with fellow engineers and friends for feedback.


One of the biggest challenges was actually getting all of the technology to talk to each other. I created a backend with PHP so that it would be possible to add links, parsed this information through JSON into an Angular front end, and making the whole thing appear when someone opend a Chrome Tab. I also created a landing page that could be used for marketing purposes, and would also allow bands and artists to contact us.

This is the most exciting side project I have worked on, and I'm really looking forward to iterating and improving the design to see where the project takes me. You can view the landing page here.