Hi, I'm Eleanor McKenna.

It's wonderful to meet you.
I’m a designer and blogger, currently with Delivery Hero and living in Berlin, Germany.

Check out some examples of my work below.

My Projects

My Design Process

1. Research

Look at analtyics, customer feedback and competitive analysis.

2. Ideation

Sketch different approaches to satisfy, look for what works.

3. Wireframe

Find the solutions that satisfy requirements and are techincal feasibile.

4. Prototype

Use wireframes to create interactive prototype, demonstrating functionality.

5. Communicate

Present to stakeholder, ensure solution satisfies product requirements.

6. High-Fidelity

Create a polished prototype with real data, prepare for user testing.

7. User Testing

Write scripts, observe the users, take notes and iterate on feedback.

8. Handover

Work with developers, provide support, carry out design QA.

About Me

My facination with programming began at an early age, when I used BASIC to create colourful patterns with an Acorn Electron.

After school I first tried Computer Science, but discovered that Multi-Media Programming was where I belonged.

I started my career as a web designer and front-end developer with an agency, moonlighting as a freelancer to create websites for friends and family.

Since then, I have worked in a variety of environments, from large established design teams to being the design-team-of-1.

In 2012 I completed my MA in creative digital media from Dublin Institute of Technology.

In my spare time I like to draw, write articles, and take on side missions. My most recent side-project is MuTab.


“Eleanor is great to work with. She is hard working, committed and bends over backwards to make our design great. She also has a firm grasp of business needs, works very closely with our development and offers lots of expert knowledge!”

“It is my pleasure to recommend Eleanor. We worked together on a next generation platform experience which will serve over 50 million users in the United States - teachers, students, parents. It is a very complex project that requires a high level of strategic thinking, strong UX knowledge and great attention to details.”

“I've been very fortunate to have recruited and worked with some excellent designers over the years, and Eleanor is among the very best. She is really strong on both UX work and graphical work, and is incredibly good at taking brand guidelines and bringing them to life, whilst at the same time maintaining very high productivity to tight deadlines. ”