Arnotts is a large, historic and famous department store in Ireland. It is known for selling high quality products from both international and home-grown designers and manufacturers. Arnotts has the added distinction of being affordable for the majority and accessible for a large amount of customers.

About The Project

Designing for eCommerce platforms is something that requires a close attention to customer. There are a high number of users who use the platform on a regular basis. Those users need to feel like they are in safe hands: that they can trust us with their payment information.

One of the most interesting aspects of an eCommerce website is the enormous variety of products that are on offer. This project in particular had an extremely large catalogue of departments, each with their own range of subsections and designers.
Structurally, the header navigation was in 2 tiers: the top tier was a high level list of all of the departments on offer, and the second tier was a more in-depth look at each department, showing the most popular sub-categories and brands. It was also possible to attach a graphic to each department, creating an opportunity for the marketing department to promote sales, a particular high-profile product launch, or a particular brand.
From a visual design perspective, it was best to maintain a minimal design and monochromatic colour scheme. The header navigation and footer frame every page, and in most cases, products have their own strong visual marketing that will attract the eye of the customer.

CRM Implementation

The Customer Relationship Management Implementation was a very interesting project to get involved with. Customers would receive a Loyalty Card, and every time they purchased something, they would receive points on their account. The online team were asked to integrate this functionality into the website, along with making it possible to redeem value from their purchases with their points.

Checkout Redesign

One of the most rewarding projects that I had the opportunity to work on was the redesign of the checkout. After making a few simple changes to the registration / login, and the address fields, conversions increased immediately.

Product Details Page

Another project that I had the opportunity to work on was the Product Details Page.

Above, can see the revised Product Details Page that allowed the customer to select a colour from a range of swatches. Originally, the only way to select a colour was through a dropdown list of the names of the colours. This was not useful, particularly for cosmetics (as items such as nail polish, foundation and lipstick have a large range of colour swatches). Below are a few screenshots of the final designs, and you can view the live site here.